AL Best of 2006 – Top 10 Readers’ Choice

The most popular item on Google News was “Paris Hilton” this year, but here at Adventure Logue, our readers’ have slightly ok, vastly different interests. Here’s the posts that you all seemed most interested in during 2006:

10. The Ultimate Adventure Itinerary? Top 10 bars of the world

9. Rescue Teams To Tackle Mt. Hood Summit / Winter Climbing Safety
8. Where Does the Dollar Do Best?
7. Touching the Void’s Simon Yates in person
6. Partitions: Travels in Pakistan – Eid ul-Adha

5. Gear Guide: Alaskan essential — Bunny Boots




4. Hitch50 – Hitchhiking to 50 state capitals in 50 days or less

3. Other Dangerous, er, adventurous places to visit

2. Coping with, and trying to understand, the tumult of India

1. Danger is my Middle (East) Name