Asia Adventure

Being such a large continent, Asia offers a vast array of adventure travel, landscapes, and unique terrain. There is no shortage of amazing adventure trips to be found here. Experience unique sites as well a strange and intriguing history that one can’t help but be captivated by.

Popular Trips in Asia

Visit the Outer Islands of Hong Kong — Explore many of the inhabited as well as uninhabited islands off the coast of Hong Kong. These are truly locations where you can make your own adventure.




Dagon Boat Races — A major part of the Tuen Ng Festival in Hong Kong, dragon boat races are an exciting spectacle to see.

Kapoposang National Marine Park: South Sulawesi — A lesser known, but extremely beautiful scuba diving spot in Indonesia. Spend your days under the crystal clear water or on the white sandy beaches. Either way, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

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