bike-trips.jpgCycling trips are a great way to see any country. They provide you with a much different prospective of the area than a rental car or tour bus would. With a cycling trip you get a great combination of adventure and luxury. You can spend your days cycling the country side from sight to sight and then spend your nights relaxing in your hotels spa or jacuzzi. Doesn’t sound like a bad way to spend a vacation does it?

Who are Cycling Trips For?

For some reason, many people think that cycling trips are only for the avid and most extreme cycle enthusiasts. I assure you this isn’t the case. While there are more advanced and extreme trips for the experienced cyclists, you me be surprised to know that there are plenty of cycling trips for even the most amature bike rider.




Many cycling trip operations offer a number of different types of trips that will very in rage from easy day trips to extreme week long trips. If you don’t feel up to a whole weeks worth of cycling or haven’t been on a bike in a while, you could always just try a day trip. Its not hard t find a cycling day trip to a nearby attraction. these day trips are a great way to decide if you would be interested in a longer cycling trip later on down the road.

What to Expect
The first thing many people wonder is if they have to bring their own bike and gear. The simple answer is no. Many cycling trip operators will provide you with all the necessary equipment and will probably even explain to you the basics of how to use it. If you are a more advanced cyclist and want to bring your own equipment you should always call ahead to make sure this is ok. While bringing your own gear usually isn’t a problem, at some places it may be a liability issue.

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