Just because you are trying to plan a vacation for the whole family doesn’t mean you have to cut out all the adventure. Family vacation don’t have to be all about walking rodents or roller coasters. There are tons of destinations, hotels, and tour operators that cater specifically to adventure travel for families.

Family Adventure Travel Destinations

The list below is a list of some exotic and not so exotic destinations that have much to offer in the way of adventure travel for families. Don’t forget, anywhere that’s new and exciting is an adventure for your children. So long as it isn’t filled with museums and golf courses! Many of the locations listed below offer their own unique type of adventures. Spend some time researching them a little more to find out what ones will suit your families thirst for adventure travel the best.



  • Costa Rica — Tons family friendly resorts and cool nature travel.
  • Colorado
  • Alaska — Alaska cruises are a great way to go here.
  • New Zealand — Check out diving in the great barrier Reef.

Family Adventure Travel Tours

Using a tour company to put together your family adventure travel can be a great way to get rid of the headaches that come with planning a family vacation. All you have to do is find a family adventure that fits your taste and let the tour company take care of the rest.

These family adventure travel tour companies are great because they know what works and what dosent. They have activities and excursions that everyone in the family will enjoy. These trips are a nice mixture of parent and child activities that seem to blend together seamlessly.

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