Student Travel

Student travel is a great way to find some affordable adventure travel. Many tour operators and adventure based businesses understand its hard being a student. Between the partying and studying there’s little room to hold down a job. Not to mention the cost of colleges these days. Adventure travel companies know this and many want to help you out by offering some sort of student discount.

To get a student discount at many adventure travel companies all you have to do is show a valid student ID. This usually gets you a few bucks off whatever adventure it is you seek. For more expensive adventure travel such as weeklong backpacking trips, they may require more proof that you are a current student.




These more expensive student travel adventure might ask you to send in a copy of your schedule or tuition receipt.

If you plan on traveling internationally you may want to look into International Student ID cards. These can hold a little more weight when travel overseas, especially in Europe. They often have additional discounts associated with them.

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