Student travel might as well be the same as budget travel. I dare you to show me an average college student who isn’t traveling on a budget. But that’s not a bad thing. Because most adventure travel companies know that students have little to no money, many offer some sort of a student discount. If you are a student it would be in your best interest to do some research and find what adventure companies offer student discounts and which ones don’t.

If you plan on travel worldwide you may want to look into an international student ID card.





There are a growing number of adventure travel companies that are catering to the singles crowd. These companies specialize not only in meeting the opposite sex, but also in gender specific trips. Think of them as a more adventurous girls or guys night out. These types of adventure trips can be a great way to meet others that share the same interest as you.


Nudist resorts are no longer restricted to stretches of beaches in Europe or South America. Today there are nude resorts in or near some of the most active destinations around the world. But why restrict yourself to land based adventures? A number of cruise lines have nude or clothing optional trips that visit many popular ports of call.

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