Why Travel With a Womens Group

Many women seek out woman based tour guides simply because they don’t want to travel alone. Traveling with a group of women provides the solo female traveler with security and camaraderie. These types of women’s travel groups tend to attract likeminded females; allowing you to create friendship that may last well past your vacation.
Women’s travel groups are also a great way to spend a vacation away for your signifgant other. Many couples often have separate vacations so that they can make the most of their time off. Think of these women’s travel groups like a girls night out, but much longer.

What to Expect




Many women’s only based tour guide companies offer an array of travel packages. From the spa pampered vacation, to the adventurous, or something in-between. These types of travel packages are designed for women from the activities down to the hotels.

Women in these groups range from 30s to 60s. Some of them are single and others are married but enjoying a separate vacation. Some of the women travel alone or with other female friends. Everything about the trip is designed with women in mind. The hotels, activities, food, and even the time schedule is geared toward the woman traveler.

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