For upwards of US$85 you can select from a handful of comfortable, western style hotels in the capital Bamako, but besides this there is no shortage of cheaper hotels and hospitality establishments in the capital serving the regular influx of visitors. Some offer dorm beds with shared facilities, but in the main single or doubles are fairly widely available for underUS$10.




Similarly in the smaller outlying towns such as Timbuktu, Mopti, Sengou, Djenné and Gao, there are modest listed hotels that can booked in advance, but for cheaper options it is necessary to take your chances, although the chances are usually good.

A good local option for budgets travellers are campements, which are simple accommodation options, often bungalows or huts, with the possibility of a billet on a roof under the brilliant Malian starscapes. This is a particular favourite in the Dogon Country, and a blanket or a light sleeping bag is a good accoutrement, although expect an early wake up as the faithful are called to prayer

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