Flights To Mali

Mali has two international airports, Senou International Airport serving the capital city Bamako, and Gao International Airport serving the city of Gao. The principal carriers offering flights into the country from Europe are Air France from Paris, and Royal Air Maroc via Casablanca. There are also smaller and seasonally orientated charter flights such as Point Afrique that offer cheaper flights to and from Bamako.

Both Air France and Royal Air Maroc land in Bamako at night.




There are a number of regional carriers offering regional and pan-African connections, the main ones being Kenya Airways from Nairobi via Dakar; Ethiopian Airlines from Addis Ababa via Abidjan, Dakar and N’djamena; Interair South Africa from Johannesburg, and several others. Mali, although poorly connected internationally, is extremely well connected regionally and locally.

Mali has a number of domestic airports and smaller landing facilities around the country, and numerous small local carriers that operate regular scheduled services between the main centres. These tend to be expensive, and can be unreliable in off season when flights can be arbitrarily cancelled if insufficient passengers are booked.

Société Transport Aerienne (STA) and Société Avion Express (SAE) are the two most popular, and most reliable, carriers operating local services.

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