Flights To Zambia

Zambia is served by three international airports, the main hub of Lusaka International Airports, and two smaller, more regionally directed facilitis. These are Livingstone Airport serving Victoria Falls, and Mfuwe Airport serving the Luangwa Valley Conservancies.

For such an important regional center Zambia is surprisingly poorly served by inter-continental connections, the only one being a regular British Airways flight from London Heathrow.




Of the regional connections accessible from Lusaka the most important are, Zambian Airways, South African Airways and from Johannesburg. Most eastern and western hemisphere connections are routed this way. Besides these Ethiopian Airways offers a direct connection from Addis Ababa and Kenya Airways from Nairobi via Lilongwe in Malawi.

Livingstone Airport is an important stop thanks to the fact that Victoria falls is not only a tourist destination unto itself, but it is situated along a four way axis where frontier transit between Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia meet. It is therefore a busy center, and is linked directly to Johannesburg by South African Airways, Comair and Zambian Airways.

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