Hostels In Zambia

While admittedly some for than others, Southern African backpackers lodges are often a destination unto themselves. Some of the most famous are situated around the venture activity center of Victoria Falls, which is the central meeting place for almost every major overland company, and indeed overland journey, south of the equator.




Among these Grubby’s Grotto is one of the originals, although it has been slipping lately, and Jollyboys another. However there are many to choose from, and a good rule of thumb is to look out for the largest collection of overland trucks, for where the overland drivers park up and party is exactly where the action is.

One of the most famous backpackers lodges in Lusaka is Chachacha in the suburban outskirts of the city, and offering all the by now expected extras that go with a good regional establishment. Again there are many others, and the lodge scene anywhere in Zambia is a worthwhile addition to your general itinerary.

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