Alaska Cruises

There are all kinds of ways to see Alaska, from kayak to dogsled, road trip to bush flight. But one of the most popular ways to see the Frontier State is from the deck of a cruise ship. Cruises aren’t for everyone, but you might be surprised at the diversity of cruise ships and itineraries. Whether you want to sip your drink and watch the coastline go by, or are just looking for a ride to your next Alaskan adventure destination, consider an Alaska cruise.

Where Do Cruises Go in Alaska?

There are several routes, but the two most common are the Inside Passage and the Glacier Route. Inside Passage cruises typically sail from Seattle or Vancouver and last 7 days, roundtrip to Alaska and back. Glacier cruises are one-way, going north from Vancouver to Anchorage or south from Anchorage to Vancouver. There are other routes available, including trips of up to a month, covering almost all of the west coast of Alaska.




What Kinds of Cruises Are There to Choose From in Alaska?

More than 30 different large cruise ships sail through Alaska’s waters, so there’s a lot of variety to choose from. Size is one factor that a lot of people use to make their decisions. Smaller ships (150-300 passengers) can often get closer to wildlife and the coastline, if you are taking a cruise to see Alaska’s coastal and marine wilderness, but on-ship activities are limited. The massive supercruisers (2000+ passengers) are like floating cities, with everything you could ever want at your fingertips, but they can feel less intimate, and may not be ideal for wildlife watching.

How Do I Start Looking for Cruises?

Use the form at the top or bottom of this article to search for the dates you want to travel. Select one of the Alaska destinations from the list, and you’re all set. Good luck, and have a great cruise!

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