Alaska Hotels

Alaska has something for everyone, and its hotels are no different. From luxury resorts to cheap motels, and everything in between, there is a wide variety of accommodation across the state. One thing that makes Alaska different from a lot of other travel destinations, though, is how many very small towns and villages there are, and in any individual place, there might not be all options. The resorts and five-star hotels are concentrated around the larger cities and more frequented travel spots, so if you’re off into the bush, don’t count on room service. Then again, what’s the point of a trip to the bush if you can’t rough it a little?

Being the largest city and the home of the most-used airport in Alaska, Anchorage has the largest selection of places to stay. For those coming to Anchorage on business, we’ve compiled a list of the best hotels for business travelers in Anchorage. There are also plenty of hotels to choose from in Fairbanks and Juneau, but fewer in the smaller towns.




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