15795851_6cd0411b76The second-largest city in Alaska (after Anchorage), Fairbanks is by far the largest in the interior of the state. Fairbanks is defined by two rivers, the Chena, which flows through the city and the Tanana, which borders the city to the south. Located in the Tanana Valley, an important agricultural area for the state, Fairbanks is surrounded by hills and ridges that made getting to the city by ground difficult during its early years. Now, though there are several roads into town, most travelers fly into Fairbanks from Anchorage or directly from the lower 48.

Though there are abundant wildlife viewing and wilderness options around Fairbanks, there is not nearly as much tourist infrastructure here as in Anchorage. The residents of the city, and those outsiders who have discovered it on their travels, consider its isolation and simplicity among its greatest qualities, but those expecting a city full of museums and concerts might do better in Anchorage or Juneau.




Photo by LizMarie

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