Flights to Alaska

Not being an island, of course there are several ways to get to Alaska, but because of its distance from most major population centers, most visitors come to Alaska by plane. The biggest entryway airport, by far, is Anchorage International Airport (ANC), followed by Fairbanks International Airport (FAI) and Juneau International Airport (JNU). There are flights into all three from cities around the Pacific Northwest and Canada, but if you want a direct flight from farther away, you are pretty much limited to flying into Anchorage.

Selected Routes to Alaska

You can fly directly to Anchorage from all over the country and from several international cities. The most popular flight route is from Seattle to Anchorage.




Flying time

Even though Alaska is, of course, part of the United States, it is not particularly close even to the Pacific Northwest states. The shortest air route to Alaska from the lower 48 is from Seattle to Juneau, which is still about 2.5 hours of flying time. Flights from Los Angeles to Anchorage take about 5.5 hours, and about 6.5 direct from Chicago to Anchorage. So settle in and pray for a decent movie! Believe us – Alaska will be worth the wait.

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