San Carlos de Bariloche is located in the province of Río Negro, Argentina. The city is at the foothills of the Andes, surrounded by lakes and mountains. It is a heaven for those looking for adventure, as you can practice trekking, skiing, climbing and enjoy water sports here.

How to get to Bariloche

The city is served by San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport (BRC) , an international airport handling flights to other countries in South America, as well as domestic flights. Should you fly from any other continent, you need to connect through a South American hub.

The city is also connected to the rest of the country by buses and to Chile by ferries (across the lakes).

Where to stay

The budget accommodation in Bariloche gets fully booked month in advance, so make sure to do the research and book your room ahead of time. Thankfully, there are plenty of hostels to choose from. Mid-range hotels and luxury hotels are also available.




What to do

The only museum in town is Museum of Patagonia, which features stuffed wildlife and a lot of information about the pre-Hispanic inhabitants of the region.

Trekking is definitely the highlight of Bariloche. Cerro Campanario offers lovely views of the area and can be reached after a short (1/2 h) hike.

Circuito Chico is an option for those into adventure tourism. The 60 km route can be hiked or biked. Cerro Frey is probably the best trek in the area. It takes 1 to 3 days and if it’s cold enough you can walk on a frozen lake.

If you are into skiing, then Cerro Catedral is an amazing option. It is the biggest ski center in South America. Plus, it also has some lovely trekking options.

During summer, plenty other trekking routes can be accessed by buses.

But Bariloche is not only about trekking and skiing. You can try paragliding, rafting, kayaking and horse riding. Plus, there is a scenic railway which you can enjoy on the Historical Steam Train.

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