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The beautiful Atlantic coast offers a variety of beaches , suitable for any kind of traveler. There are beaches for the families , but you can also find peaceful beaches or beaches which offer a wide variety of sports. The best part about the resort towns in Argentina is that they are not just a place to hang out on the beach, they also offer a wide variety of things to do and there are interesting places within easy reach, too.

Summers are very busy and January is particularly crowded. However, if you want to have the beach pretty much for yourself, plan your visit during winter.

Mar del Plata

It is the oldest beach resort in Argentina and offers 17 km of coastline. It is surrounded by hills, so if you get sick of the beach, you can always plan to do some hiking. Summers are really busy but this is the place to be if you look for sun, fun and clubbing. If you want peace and quiet, plan your visit during winter. Accommodation is plentiful.

Playa Grande is the trendiest beach, while Playa Punta Mogotes is one of the more relaxed beaches, without all the restaurants, shops and bars.


It offers 74 km of coastline and is a good option for budget travelers. The central area is urbanized but you can always head west and find some interesting places away from the tourist beaten path. It’s an excellent choice if you want a laid-back experience.




Villa Gesell

While the resort has been expending, it still retains a small town feel. It’s a budget destination and those who want to go clubbing can find some good spots, too. It’s certainly a destination for the young party goers.


This is definitely the high-end resort where Argentines and tourists with quite a lot of money head to. Great hotels , restaurants and spas, but all come with a big price tag. Less clubbing activity , though. Pinamar can be reached by bus from Buenos Aires (5 h).


Hidden among the foliage, you’ll find luxury cabins which direct access to a well maintained beach. No excess urbanization here, but high prices. This is where the Argentine elite choose to spend their summer.


This is the perfect choice for families as it has quite a lot of facilities and it’s a safe place to explore. Rent a bike to explore the area.

Puerto Madryn

You won’t be fighting for a towel space here but you’ll be learning to surf. Also, you can try your soccer (football) skills right on the beach. You can choose a whale watching tour unless you feel like trying snorkeling or windsurfing.

Pehuen Co

If you are looking for an adventure beach experience, this is the place to be. No facilities , hardly any tourists but a lot of sand and nature for you. So , come prepared to explore the calm and lovely beach

Photo credits: Mar del Plata , Necochea , Villa Gesell , Pinamar , Carilo , Miramar , Puerto Madryn

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