Bus Travel in Argentina

Bus travel in Argentina is one of the most effective and affordable means of transportation. With limited connections by train and quite expensive domestic flights, bus travel appeals to the vast majority of travelers. Along with not having to worry about finding a route — like you would if you were to drive a rental car — you also get lovely views of the passing scenery. And if you plan to travel long distances, over night buses are an efficient way to get around.

Getting between the cities

Argentina has an extensive network of inter city buses , which allows travelers to travel through the country and to the countries on the continent.

For long distance travel, you get to choose between two types of buses: common and differential. Common buses are the cheapest , often without heating or air conditioning and generally hard to be guaranteed a seat. Differential buses are more expensive but the seats recline, there’s air conditioning (or heating) and snacks can be purchased on board (or included in the price).

The main bus terminal in the country is in Buenos Aires. This is where most routes originate from, so it’s really impossible not to deal with it at least once during your stay in Argentina.

Bus companies in Argentina

Omni Lineas is the major carrier , with its hub in Buenos Aires. Tickets can be purchased in the stations but you can check the schedule and prices online. The website is both in Spanish and English.




Andesmar also operates in the country and you can buy the tickets online. Make sure to print your ticket and all you need to do then is to show up at the bus station with the printed ticket and your passport and board the bus. Be careful that there are luggage restrictions (1 small handbag and 1 suitcase of less than 20 km per passenger) and if you travel with more luggages you’ll pay additional fees. The website is both in Spanish and English.

Vía Bariloche : the website is both in Spanish and English . You can find the schedule, prices and book a ticket online.

Nueva Chevallier : the website in Spanish but they operate routes in Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Río Paraná S.A : the website is also in Spanish only and they operate mostly in the Buenos Aires province, connecting smaller cities.

Solo Bus : another website in Spanish only but the company offers buses to important tourist destinations in Argentina.

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