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Bariloche is the gateway into the Andes and a lovely choice for those looking for some adventure during their vacation. Between the mountains and the lakes, the city offers plenty of activities to its visitors.

An airport serving Bariloche

The city is served by San Carlos de Bariloche International Airport (BRC), an international airport located 13 km from the city center. In terms of traffic, it is the 4th largest airport in Argentina. The airport handles international traffic — to/from countries in South America — and domestic traffic.

Should you need to fly into Bariloche from cities in North America, Europe or Asia, you need to connect via a hub in South America. Buenos Aires is a good option for connecting flights.




How to save on flights to Bariloche

The low season in Bariloche is from mid-October to early December (spring) and late April to mid-June (fall). During the rest of the year, it’s high season either for skiing or fishing, resulting in high airfare.

If you need to travel during the high season, book the ticket in advance and take advantage of the deals offered by airlines. As much as possible, avoid flying during the weekends.

In many cases you’ll need to make at least a stop on the way to Bariloche. Look up various routes. It may be worth it to choose more stops if it saves money and the time spent in the airport waiting for the flights is not too long.

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