Argentina is home to the passionate tango, colorful soccer and incredible scenery. Tourists flock to visit the cities and trek the glaciers but the country has more to offer. In the pages of WhyGo Argentina we’ll try to cover both the very popular destinations and the tucked away places, hidden from the tourists’ eyes.

Buenos Aires : the capital has a lot of things to offer for the tourists. There are interesting buildings and great areas where you can walk in the park or rent peddle boats. There is also the La Boca area, a bit of a touristy trap but worth a visit. To experience the real tango go to the Milongas.

Mendoza : you should tour the wineries and taste some of the local wine. Also, the area is famous for the beautiful scenery and the possibility to practice a lot of sports such as hiking, trekking, rafting, skiing, mountain biking or horseback riding.




Patagonia : comprising the well know Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia offers tourists both interesting cities and incredible nature. There are glaciers to trek and national parks to explore. Those who are looking for an active vacation will love Patagonia.

Soccer : watching a match in Argentina is a must for any soccer fan.

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