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Argentina is a large country and one of the most popular among travelers who visit South America. Planning to see the entire country in a single trip is impossible, but that’s not problem…because you have more reasons to return!

But when planning a vacation, the bulk of the budget goes towards transportation and accommodation. There are ways to cut costs on getting to Argentina and there are certainly ways to spend less on the accommodation if you choose to stay in hostels in Argentina.

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Hostels have been the preferred place to stay for any budget traveler. While not so long ago, they were the place where you’d certainly meet only young crowds looking for cheap accommodation and party, now the hostels also cater for couples and families looking for a bit of privacy (along with the cheap prices).

Need to know

If you haven’t yet read about hostels or stayed in any, you should know couple of things before venturing into this world:

  • Hostels can be very basic — just a place to sleep and shower- but can also be miniature hotels, offering everything from en suite bathroom to breakfast and a restaurant. Make sure to do a bit research and choose whatever suits your tastes.
  • Hostels can be the places for endless partying but they can also be quite dull (or quiet, if you want). Again, snoop around the web for reviews, ask your friends and find out what type of hostel you want to stay in.


  • The cheapest prices are always in dorms; and usually the more beds in a dorm, the less a bed would cost. However, plenty of hostels offer private rooms and the prices aren’t that high (and still way cheaper than hotels).
  • Don’t expect to find the hostels listed at travel agencies. In general, hostels don’t bother to work with travel agencies because they are popular enough to get their clients from online booking systems.
  • Make sure to book your bed in advance. The hostels can get pretty crowded during the high season. If you decided to travel on the spur of the moment, expect to find either the most expensive private rooms available or the cheapest dorms (with the most beds).

Choosing a hostel in Argentina

The hostels closest to the city center are usually more expensive than those located further away. If you main goal is to save money, then look for something which is not right in the center but is well connected to the center by public transportation.

To help you narrow the long list of hostels in Argentina, type your travel information into the search engine on this page. Then, you will get a list of the hostels in the city you want to visit which have available beds the nights you want to stay. All you need to do now is read through the descriptions until you find the one you like best and book it!

Worth trying

Buenos Aires: Hostel Estoril

One of the best hostels in Buenos Aires (as per travelers’ ratings), it has specious rooms, AC, a wi-fi zone and a nice terrace with BBQ area. The price includes the breakfast, linen and internet access. There are 4 —bed and 6-bed dorms as well as private rooms (single and double). Price ranges between US$15.31 per bed per night in the 6-bed dorm and US$34.80 per night per person in the double room en-suite bathroom.

Buenos Aires: Hostel Suites Obelisco

Right in the heart of the city you’ll find this great hostel. It can actually be considered luxurious for a hostel. Right near the Obelisco stands this hostel in a restored 100 years old building. The prices include the breakfast, linen and internet access. There are 3, 4, 6 and 8-bed dorms as well as single and double private rooms. Prices range between US $16.01 per night per bed in the 6 or 8-bed dorm and $26.45 per night per person in the double room with shared bathroom facilities.

Mendoza: Hostel Internacional Campo Base

The hostel is considered one of the best in Mendoza but only has dorms (4, 6, 8 or 9-bed). The price includes breakfast, linen and internet access. There’s a bar, a BBQ area as well as a kitchen for the guests to use. Prices range between US $33.00 per night per bed in the 8 or 9-bed dorms and US $35.00 per night per bed in the 4 or 6-bed dorms.

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