The Flag of Argentina

The national flag of Argentina is a light blue and white triband , with the “Sun of May” in the center of the white band.

The flag was first raised at the city of Rosario on February 27, 1812 during the Argentine War of Independence. The flag was created by Manuel Belgrano, the leader of the revolution. But it wasn’t until 1816 that it became a national flag. The “Sun of May” was added in 1818.

The flag without the sun is considered an Ornamental Flag but both versions are equally considered the national flag. The Official Ceremonial Flag (with the Sun) is the civil, state and war flag, as well as the ensign, while the Ornamental Flag is an alternative civil flag and ensign.




Popular belief attributes the colors to the blue sky, the sun and the clouds, but histories think they represent the loyalty towards the House of Bourbon. The Sun of May is a replica of the first Argentine coin (value: 8 escudos or 1 Spanish dollar).

“Flag Day” is celebrated on June 20 and is the anniversary of Belgrano’s death.

Most portraits about the creation of the flag show the modern design — horizontal triband : blue, white, blue — but the original one, which is kept in a museum in Bolivia, was a vertical triband , with two white bands and a blue band in the middle.

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