Buenos Aires connects the country to cities from almost all over the world. Hence, it’s the most crowded and used airport in Argentina. Once in the country, the most used method of transportation is the bus, but the train is steadily gaining more fans. Rental cars are also a good option. Within the cities, travelers can choose the public transportation or walking.

Arriving and Departing Argentina

When arriving and departing Argentina, travelers typically use Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), the most important hub in the country.

Arriving and Departing Buenos Aires

Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE), also known as Ezeiza International Airport, is serving Buenos Aires, and is the most important airport in Argentina. Located 35 km from the city center, it connects Argentina to almost every continent (except Africa).

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Arriving and Departing Cordoba

Cordoba is the country’s second biggest city and is served by Ingeniero Aeronáutico Ambrosio L.V. Taravella International Airport (COR), the third biggest airport in Argentina. It’s connected to Europe , as well as to countries in South America. Should you arrive from other continents, you need to connect through other hubs in South America.

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Getting Around Argentina

Argentina is the second largest country in South America, which means getting around in the country will involve some sort of a means of transportation. You also need to figure out how to get from the Airport to the hotel (or hostel) and how to get to the sights you plan to visit.

From the Airport to the City Center

In Buenos Aires, from Ezeiza International Airport you can catch a bus, a minibus, rent a car or take a taxi. There’s a train station close by but it’s a nightmare to actually get to it (about a third of the time it takes to get to the city by bus).




In Cordoba, you can catch a normal bus to the city center , a minibus or a taxi. Car rentals are also an option.

From One City to Another

Driving in Argentina

Renting a car and exploring Argentina at your pace is a great way to see the country. Pre-book the car in advance to save money and time. Drives are quite aggressive and running red lights is pretty common.

Bus Travel in Argentina

When it comes to traveling by bus in Argentina, you don’t need to worry about the travel conditions. It remains the cheapest option to get around, but it’s also surprisingly pleasant. Night buses are a good option to maximize your time. There are buses connecting the cities through the country.

Train Travel in Argentina

There are quite a lot of InterCity trains connecting some of the major Argentine cities and the government is trying to re-establish the connections between all major cities. There are tourist trains which are a lovely way to see the country.

Flying in Argentina

Argentina is not a small country and sometimes flights can save a great deal of time, even if you account for the time spent getting to/from the airports. Almost all major city is served by an airport, which receives domestic flights.

Walking in the Cities

Walking is a lovely way to experience Buenos Aires by day and will surely some you quite a lot of time, considering the traffic you need to face while in a bus. Make sure to get an updated map before you set off to explore the city.

Central Mendoza is compact and can be easily tackled on foot. Don’t forget the map. You can also hire a bike (ask the personnel at the hostel about the place where you can hire the bikes).

Public Transportation

In Buenos Aires, the public transportation is quite good but expect it to be crowded at peak times. The metro (“Subte”) doesn’t cover the entire city but can take you to the important sights. The bus is the main method of transportation within the city. Tickets are bought from the bus (the machine only accepts coins). The buses run 24-hours, every day of the year.

In Cordoba, the only ways to get around the town are: buses and trolleybuses. Just like in the capital, buy the tickets from the machine within the bus.

In Mendoza you can also choose between the buses and trolleybuses , using the same method of buying the tickets.

Photo credits: Airport in Buenos Aires , Bus in Buenos Aires

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