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Without a doubt Argentina is a well known travel destination in South America, particularly for being home to tango and soccer. Also many travelers choose to trek the mountains in Patagonia and enjoy the natural beauty of the country. Whether you choose to visit one of the cities, head to the beach, trek the mountains, play soccer or dance tango, Argentina has it all and welcomes each and everyone who wants to enjoy it.

There are plenty of guides written about Argentina and obviously, a page cannot comprise all the information but here’s a short glimpse at what Argentina has to offer.

Flights to Argentina

When planning your vacation in Argentina, you need to firstly book your plane ticket. The main gateway to the country is the international airport in Buenos Aires, which is served by airlines from South America, North America, Europe, Australia, Asia and Africa.




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Accommodation in Argentina

Once you booked your flight you need to figure out where you’ll be staying in Argentina. Accommodation takes many forms in Argentina, from the cheap hostels, to the luxury hotels to cheap hostels. Choosing the right one for your depends on the budget you have allocated to the trip.

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