Vacation Rentals Argentina

A very good way to save money while on vacation is to share the cost of accommodation with those you travel with. Or to find a place which is cheaper if you cater for yourself. Enter: vacation rentals. These are the best option if you like the freedom to make your own schedule and don’t mind sharing a house or apartment with your friends.

When to rent?

The seasons in Argentina are reverse to what you know them from the Northern Hemisphere. If you plan to stay in Buenos Aires, plan your vacation in fall (March to May) or spring (September to November). If you want to go the Andes or Patagonia, plan your vacation in the summer (December to March) when the days are longer and warmer.

Iguazú and the Northwest are best visited in the winter (June to August) but spring (August to October) is also pleasant and there aren’t crowded you could bump into.

Avoid heading to the beach resorts in the summer, when everyone does the same thing, making the areas crowded and the prices high. It would also be a good idea to avoid visiting the country during the major festivals, when everything tends to be more expensive.




What to rent?

If you haven’t rented a house or apartment before for your vacation , it can be a bit hard to figure out what to rent. So, answer the following questions: how many people will be living together? is anyone willing to cook or do you eat out? do we need a luxury place or something decent is enough? Do we plan to use the public transport , a car rental or do we want to stay close to the sights or beach?

Now, take a look at the description of the houses or apartments. Some come with fully equipped kitchens, some offer only a microwave and a coffee maker. Some offer free wi-fi and TV, some only come with basic facilities. Decide what you really need for the trip.

Unfortunately, there aren’t many listings on the vacation rental websites, but with a bit of luck you can find what you need. In Buenos Aires , a 1-bedroom apartment starts at US$30 per night and you’ll stay in the city center. In Patagonia, a 4-bedroom home starts at US$1000 per week (sleeps 7).

Payment issues

If you book the rental home online then all you need is a credit car. This also saves you the high international transaction fees which occur when you pay directly to the owner in the bank account.

However, if you find a place listed by the owner, the prices are lower than if you booked via a larger, international website. Plus, you can find homes in other places than just those listed by large websites. But you will have to pay by bank transfer, which also means you’ll pay high international transfer commissions.

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