Why go to Argentina

Argentina is home to tango, gauchos, great wine, football legends, tasty meat and, as if it wasn’t enough, one of the most famous places in the world is right there: Patagonia. It’s simply a dream destination with tourist attractions for all tastes.

There’s a reason why people that have been in Argentina never stop talking about their trip and experiences. Keep on reading and you’ll know why.

If you want to get to the end of the world, Argentina is the place -literally- to go. It’s the jumping off point for expeditions to Antarctica and has one of the longest stretches of Atlantic coast in the Southern Hemisphere.

What to do in Argentina

With such an interesting culture and history, their patriotism is admirable. It makes people take care and value every side, every land, every street of their country, which also makes travelers fall in love with it all too. Argentina itself is a mix of the classic romanticism with the feelings that the new century awakes on people’s hearts and minds. It’s a place to love and be loved, dance, eat, take long walks, discover hidden spots and lands… It’s a country waiting to be fully enjoyed.

If you’re interested in Wine Tasting in South America, Argentina it’s one of the top wine regions of the world. Wine is as good as cheap and you can find it everywhere. What else can you ask for?




We also know that tango and wine go hand in hand. It’s almost impossible to separate one from another. So if you’re a wine lover, you must explore all of the ways in which Tango is Not Just a Dance.

Looking for 8 Reasons to Add Argentina to Your Big Trip? We’ve got ’em.

You’ll likely fly to Buenos Aires, because, let’s be honest, who wouldn’t?. So here are 6 Off the Beaten Path Destinations within the city.

There is no flavor that represents more the culture of Argentina than Mate. Get to know it. I’m sure you’ll bring lots of it to your homeland.

Up on the border with Brazil is the mighty and stunning Iguazu Falls. You’ll want to visit this place, take your camera with you and let the rest of the job gets done by itself.

Out of curiosity, are you a golfer?, did you know that Buenos Aires has over 50 venues? Yep, just check them out.

So… Just asking but, what are you waiting for?

Photo by: Larry Hands

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