Turkey and Greece , once foes, now friends and always bordering each other…two countries which have similar cuisines and cultures. In some parts of Turkey you can swear you are actually in Greece…and the opposite is exactly the same. Thanks to being so close to each other, many travelers plan […]

Getting from Istanbul to Greece

Get your boots on and try your luck Climbing Kilimanjaro with the ultimate Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours. Starting on September 19th, we will be doing an Adventure Travel guided version of the Rongai Route Trekking. Taking the little known Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route around the base of Kibo Crater, and getting the summit […]

Rongai, Northern Circuit and the Western Breach

The quest for Alternative Kilimanjaro Routes grows daily as many companies spring up offering new and unique Climbing Packages. The Mount Kilimanjaro is becoming these days into a venture travel machine. Indeed, I was very fortunate for being invited on a little experimental climbing to explore the seldom used Northern Circuit of Kilimanjaro […]

A Journey Along the Northern Circuit of Kilimanjaro

Located in the Caribbean Region, Colombia has been gaining over the years quite an excellent reputation as a tourist destination, and it’s because the government and society have been working really hard, hand in hand, to make of it a country to be proud of, a country that they can not only […]

Why you should go to Colombia

Argentina is home to tango, gauchos, great wine, football legends, tasty meat and, as if it wasn’t enough, one of the most famous places in the world is right there: Patagonia. It’s simply a dream destination with tourist attractions for all tastes. There’s a reason why people that have been in Argentina never stop […]

Why go to Argentina

If you’re looking for the heat of the sun, get to know new sandy, perfect beaches, the Amazon rainforest, meet and have fun with beautiful people, live the vivid colors of Latin America, or simply discover why the song The Girl from Ipanema is so famous, Brazil is the place for you […]

Why go to Brazil

Peru is a land to explore and discover the magic of South America. Can you hear the Andes calling? Are you longing to hike into Machu Picchu? Do the ancient secrets of the Inca whisper to you? Attracted to hidden bitches to surf, or maybe discover a multicolor, friendly and […]

Why Travel to Peru?