Solo Travel

Africa is a huge part of the modern world. It is also one of the most exciting outfield destinations for the contemporary traveler left on the planet. There is an aura in Africa that it is travel on the front line, and in many ways it is. However the reputation […]

Ten Tips For African Travel

In many parts of Africa, safaris can be pretty expensive. Tanzania, South Africa, Botswana are all countries that charge a lot of money to go searching for animals. In Tanzania, a typical safari will run about $100 per day per person – and that’s pretty average to low end. That […]

A Poor Backpackers Guides to Cheap Safaris

When a solo traveler finally commits to traveling through Africa on their own, one of the first questions that comes into his or her mind is, “Where to go?” It’s a daunting, almost mind boggling question – one that you could think about for literally years. Why? The reason is […]

A Solo Travelers First Steps

Ever since the first explorers traveled into the exterior of the then called “Dark Continent,” there was a true appetite for adventure and not knowing what to expect throughout Africa. Africa held an assorted array of mysterious cultures, landscapes, animals and overall difficulties. This type of adventure is what has […]

Introduction to Solo Travel