BootsnAll Travel Network is launching a Facebook application to connect travelers. Portland, Oregon June 21, 2010 — BootsnAll Travel Network has created a Facebook application — BootsnAll Traveler Connect — that helps connect travelers. The app lets you find other travelers going to the same place you are, or connect […]

BootsnAll Launches Traveler Connect Facebook App

Travelhacker has put together a comprehensive list of 100 best travel blogs out there on the interwebs. They’ve categorized them pretty well into groups, solo travellers, tips, expats, those that choose not to fly and a few others. A couple of BootsnAllers made the cut too which is awesome. Sheila‘s […]

100 Best Travel Blogs

Travel Rants has a fun little poll going where you can vote for the best of the web in travel. Not comprehensive by any means, nor does it claim to be, but you can vote for BootsnAll under the ‘Best Travel Content’ category and give LP a run for their […]

Vote for BootsnAll

Nice mention of BootsnAll and an excerpt from one of its stories (written by her husband) by Robin Bayne in the Baltimore Book & Blog Examiner: Travel blogs are tell-all vacation diaries Thanks, Robin!

BnA in the news

There’s oftentimes when we’ll rip on AOL and I can’t count the number of their free CD’s we’ve used as coasters in the BootsnAll office, but we certainly won’t say no to the folks who visit us from the link on AOL’s home page today (click on the image to […]

BootsnAll on AOL home page