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Smells and tastes are powerful memory triggers, and you don’t have to be a lush to have fond memories of drinks from around the world. From drinking Champagne in the region of the same name in France to sipping Shiraz in Australia to sampling a Mai Tai in Hawaii, there […]

Travel & Drinking Etiquette

Unlike many of the intrepid travelers I’m privileged to know these days, my first forays into international travel were quite un-intrepid (if that’s even a word). I’d been shuttled back and forth across the United States three times in cross-country moves with my family, but it wasn’t until my sophomore […]

Travel with Training Wheels

Many travelers – particularly those among us who want to travel as much as possible on the smallest budget – know that by sticking to cheaper countries to visit so we can stretch our travel budgets further. We also know that, while there are money saving tips and tricks that […]

Saving Money in the Most Expensive Places

For most travel enthusiasts, the high of buying a plane ticket or getting a passport stamp overshadows all other feelings, so it’s not surprising that even the people who go out of their way to recycle at home momentarily forget about being green when they travel. In fact, depending on […]

Learning to Travel Greener

An Italian vacation is the stuff of dreams – it’s the kind of trip people discuss in “once in a lifetime” terms, although many make multiple trips over the years. Even if you do end up going back, you want your first trip to Italy to be the sort of […]

Getting to Know Italy

One of the must-see attractions in Western Australia., the tiny island of Rottnest sites 19 kilometers off the coast near Fremantle. Attracting tourists and locals, Rottnest is know for its beautiful, clean and secluded beaches. Book your airfare to Australia into Perth, and you can easily visit  Rottnest as a […]

Visting Rottnest Island in Australia