If you’re looking for the heat of the sun, get to know new sandy, perfect beaches, the Amazon rainforest, meet and have fun with beautiful people, live the vivid colors of Latin America, or simply discover why the song The Girl from Ipanema is so famous, Brazil is the place for you […]

Why go to Brazil

Going to a beach in Brazil is more than just soaking up the tan. The tiny bikinis, the incredible energy of people playing sports, the sand and sea, all come together and offer an amazing time for those who choose to spend time on a beach in Brazil. With so […]

Top 7 Beaches in Brazil

Brazil is a large and diverse country. And planning a 10-day vacation here is incredibly hard. First of all, make a list of the things you must see while in Brazil. Then take a long look at the map and the distances between the places. Most likely you’ll have to […]

10 Days in Brazil: Itinerary Ideas

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Watch Movie Online Thoroughbreds (2018)

December falls during summer in Brazil and it also means it’s the high season. Complete with Christmas and New Year’s festivities, this time of year is excellent for getting a tan and enjoying the outdoors. But the temperatures are also high so plan your day accordingly. Weather in Brazil in […]

Brazil in December

August is one of the cheaper months to visit Brazil. It falls during the dry season and although, in some parts, the temperatures get high, it’s not humid. You can easily plan to get a tan in Rio de Janeiro (but the water can be quite cold) or enjoy some […]

Brazil in August

July falls during winter in Brazil but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to brace for low temperatures — unless you want to hit the ski resorts. Rio de Janeiro is still excellent for soaking up the sun and Sao Paulo offers lovely sightseeing weather. Weather in Brazil in July July […]

Brazil in July

Paraty, also known as Parati, is a costal historic town in Brazil. Settled by the Portuguese in 1667, the city still keeps its old charm, with the cobbled stone streets and old churches. However, it is also an incredible destination for nature lovers, offering lovely waterfalls and forests. Quick summary […]

Getting from Rio de Janeiro to Paraty

When a U.S. citizen needs the service of the Embassy or Consulates in Brazil, thinks usually go the wrong way. Assistance is provided for U.S. citizens living in Brazil, traveling or transiting the country and include: help if a U.S. citizen is arrested, is missing, is victim of a crime […]

US Embassy & Consulates in Brazil

Sao Paulo is not only Brazil’s largest city, but also the largest city in South America and the southern hemisphere. It is part of one of the five largest metropolitan areas in the world. The city is a major cultural center, with predominant Italian, Portuguese and African background. Sao Paulo […]

Things to do in Sao Paulo