For outsiders that have an impression of Scots as tough, hard-working folk, it might be surprising to hear that their national hero is a poet. No one person is more closely associated with Scotland than Robert Burns. Known in Scotland by the familiar name of Robbie (or Rabbie), Burns is […]

Robert Burns : Scotland’s Favorite Son

Dina Tai Fung is Taiwanese chain of restaurants that has outlets across Asia and has one outlet in California, USA. The chain is one of the most famous in Taiwan and is causing a stir down in California. Famous for its dumpling Dai Tai Fung, is said to create the […]

Dina Tai Fung

The Terracotta Army is formed by the Terracotta Warriors and Horses located near Xi’an, Shaanxi province. The army belonged to Shi Huang Di the First Emperor of China. The army was discovered by chance in 1974 when several local farmers worked on drilling water well on a field near Xi’an. […]

Terracotta Army