British cuisine has never been regarded as a tasty or healthy cuisine. Looks like the early British people had more fun doing anything else than learning to cook. But things are improving and modern British cuisine is not that terrible. Actually, you might even like it. Fish and chips It’s […]

What to Eat in England: Famous British Foods

Summer sets in and June is filled with events and festivals. From the Queen’s Birthday to the Midsummer’s Day bon fires…you won’t be staying still if you visit England now. It’s perfect weather to explore the outdoors but you’ll also have fun in the cities. Weather June is the first […]

England in June

Warmer weather attracts more visitors — and so do the many festivals — but it’s still affordable to travel to England in May and the crowds haven’t taken over the sights yet. Spend time in the outdoors, plan to visit the sights and enjoy the early summer (or last days […]

England in May