In most of Central America, there’s really no other way to get around (unless you want your own rental car) than by bus. The good news about bus travel in Central America is that it’s very cheap, sometimes shockingly so. The bad news is that it’s not the most comfortable, […]

Traveling by Bus in Honduras

There’s always some destination in the world that can be called “up and coming,” and one of the places on that list this year is Honduras. The country is working overtime in the PR department and has been bringing in travel writers from all corners to see what’s available for […]

Honduras is Still “Up & Coming”

In the grand scheme of things, Honduras it still very young when it comes to tourisim. As such, the country has done little to enforce safety in most of the major tourist areas. This point is not meant to scare you away from visiting Honduras, but more to make sure […]

Staying Safe in Honduras

While each country in Central America has its own take on food, there are a few staple items that you can find everywhere. If you have ever been anywhere in Central America, you knew right away what I was talking about, rice and beans. Rice and beans in Honduras? Go […]

Eating in Honduras

A major part of any vacation is picking up some gifts and souvenirs to bring back home. Honduras is no exception to this. While there are plenty of unique and amazing things to purchase here, there are a few in particular that Honduras is known for. These items include ceramics, […]

What to Buy in Honduras