The quest for Alternative Kilimanjaro Routes grows daily as many companies spring up offering new and unique Climbing Packages. The Mount Kilimanjaro is becoming these days into a venture travel machine. Indeed, I was very fortunate for being invited on a little experimental climbing to explore the seldom used Northern Circuit of Kilimanjaro […]

A Journey Along the Northern Circuit of Kilimanjaro

Here is a BootsnAll’s members pictures from Libya during the solar eclipse. You can not only see some fabulous pictures of the eclipse, the city that the Libyan government set up for tourists, but you can also see some wonderful pictures of Leptis Magna. See pictures from Libya Photo by: Alan […]

Pictures of Libya Eclipse

From my contacts in Libya, I am assured that within the next two months, Libya is going to open it doors to American tourists. That is what they are hearing from the consulate. This could be “just talk” but given that an American embassy is being built in Tripoli, I […]

Libya Visa Update

Which Way to the Solar Eclipse?Judging from the amount of tourists flooding Libya to see the solar eclispe tomorrow, I am sure that the Libyans authorities are quite busy right now dealing with a massive influx of people. The number of tourists, announced by Libyan government, are quit impressive: There […]

Solar Eclipse Libya March 29

This song is for you Moammar Rumor has it that former United States President Bill Clinton will visit Libya for the solar eclipse on March 29. This could add a much needed boost to Libya’s image (and tourism) as the average American thinks Libya is comparable to the infamous axis […]

Bill Clinton to visit Libya

BootsnAll Travel Network has a 15-day trip through Egypt and Libya, overland through the desert from Cairo to Tripoli. The trip will explore the pyramids and Sphinx, then into the thriving metropolis of Alexandria and on to the ancient cities of Cyrene and Sabratha in coastal Libya. This trip will […]

Egypt and Libya Trip

Libya is said to have some of the best preserved Roman ruins outside of Italy. These aren’t run of the mill Roman ruins like those scattered all over Europe. These are the best of the best, without a doubt. These Libya pictures have some great pictures of preserved ruins. There […]

Roman Ruins in Libya