Why You Should Go to Mexico in 2016

Mexico is one of those places that has always been a great value destination, especially for American and Canadian neighbors to the north. Current economic trends are continuing to make Mexico an attractive destination for those who hold high value currencies. Mexico was added as one of the top value […]

Nude Beaches in Mexico

Mexico is known for a lot of things, but nudity isn’t really one of them. Mexican culture is traditional and conservative. Respectful travelers have long known to cover their shoulders and their knees when visiting cultural or religious sites. On beaches in Mexico swimwear is assumed. Topless sunbathing is uncommon […]

Things You Should Know About Mazatlan

Taking a trip to a Mexican beach resort town shouldn’t require studying a huge amount of pre-vacation material, but when the town for which you’re headed has some surprises in store – let’s just say it can’t hurt to be well-informed. Mazatlan offers all kinds of surprises – mostly of […]