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Get your boots on and try your luck Climbing Kilimanjaro with the ultimate Kilimanjaro Hiking Tours. Starting on September 19th, we will be doing an Adventure Travel guided version of the Rongai Route Trekking. Taking the little known Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route around the base of Kibo Crater, and getting the summit […]

Rongai, Northern Circuit and the Western Breach

‘Hidden among the rocky outcrops or kopjes of the vast, internationally renowned Serengeti plains is a camp that exudes a decadence reminiscent of old Africa.’ This is the opening preamble to the Migration Camp website, which fairly describes the attributes of this ‘camp’. Old Africa indeed! Tastefully arranged tented accommodation […]

Serengeti Migration Camp

I have a number of groups climbing Kilimanjaro this coming summer. All of these groups are looking for other people to join. Typically the groups are composed of other independent-style travelers in small groups or alone, that are looking to share in the excitement of climbing Africa’s highest mountain. If […]

Upcoming groups climbing Kilimanjaro, 2008

This year BootsnAll will be staging an escorted and guided New Year’s Eve Summit of Kilimanjaro & Safari between December 23 and January 3 2008/9. I will be personally leading the climb via the Lesotho Route with aim of reaching the summit to catch the sunrise on New Year’s Day. […]

BootsnAll Guided Summits 2008/9

For those of you interested in other trekking adventure trips outside of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, BootsnAll Travel Network is organizing a two week trekking adventure through the Himalayas. From Oct 7 to Oct 22, our adventure trek in Nepal will follow one of the most popular routes, on the Annapurna […]

Nepal Trekking Himalayas – Come With Us!

Tap into your inner adventurer and climb Mount Kilimanjaro with other fun, outgoing, intelligent forward thinking individuals such as yourself! You will want to be a part of this climb that will expand your horizons and be a monumental feet in your life experiences. This October, Rachael Cadden of Verve […]

Join October Kilimanjaro Climb