If you are part of the Apple/Macintosh/iPod/iPhone cult, or you are considering joining, you’ll be happy to know that Manhattan has 3 dedicated Apple Stores, and they are all easy to reach for most tourists and travelers. These stores have become tourist attractions unto themselves over the years, in a […]

Apple Stores in New York City

A major part of any vacation is picking up some gifts and souvenirs to bring back home. Honduras is no exception to this. While there are plenty of unique and amazing things to purchase here, there are a few in particular that Honduras is known for. These items include ceramics, […]

What to Buy in Honduras

Ask any American why they travel to Mexico and I bet one of the reasons is “shopping for bargains”. Let’s see what Mexico has to offer that’s so appealing for the travelers. Mexico is really cosmopolite when it comes to shopping: there are street vendors, open air markets, boutiques, supermarkets […]

Shopping in Mexico