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Russia and the British Council are at odds as Russia is asking the British Council to close its offices and the British Council initially refused. The British Council then reported that its British and Russian staff were harassed by Russian authorities. The word is that this is connected to the […]

Bad News For The British Council In Russia

The feedback portion of the CELTA, in my opinion, can be the part that does people in. By that I mean — the part that they cannot stand. I found the feedback difficult at times, especially because of the pressure of an intensive course, but ultimately incredibly helpful. The feedback […]

Surviving The Feedback On Your Teaching Practice: My Experience

Aside from presenting the certificate they offer honestly — how much do they have a responsibility to tell potential applicants about the job market? Specifically — if they are advertising their certificate as a means to teach English anywhere in the world to a wide audience, including people without degrees, […]

What Obligations Do TEFL Course Providers Have?