I was wrapping up at work on Friday and had arranged to see a movie with a friend. We hadn’t decided what to see, only an approximate time. I started looking at trailers on Yahoo movies and came across Man on Wire. Simply an incredible film and highly recommended. Had […]

Man on Wire

This is kind of a funny email that came through our customer service email today. Random! I’m having a hard time finding the right Powells Contact Us option. Problem: Last Sunday we were in your Burntside store, and I believe I left a grey Stetson cap in the children’s section. […]

Lost Hat

Here at BnA HQ, we’re all decently active runners – note the insert of the word “active” so I can apply that statement to myself. I’m defintely slower than Sean, Chris and Donovan but I still get out and about. From the office we have three ‘lunch loops’ that are […]

Running Loops in Portland