Running Loops in Portland

Here at BnA HQ, we’re all decently active runners – note the insert of the word “active” so I can apply that statement to myself. I’m defintely slower than Sean, Chris and Donovan but I still get out and about. From the office we have three ‘lunch loops’ that are awesome for running mid-day. Sometimes people will go solo, sometimes it will be all four of us. We have ‘the loop’ that began it all (4.5 miles), the ‘big loop’ (5.5 miles) and ‘the north loop’ (probably about 6-6.5). My favorite is the north loop, if I have the motivation not to cut it short. Today I did the standard loop, which includes 1.5 miles on Broadway, a fairly busy road with shops and lots of people. It’s a game to dart in and out of all the lunch-goers. Sometimes we get comments or honking. Today an army recruiter in full dress watched me for 20 seconds before saying “that’s a good pace – keep it up,” which I’m sure made me run just that much faster. If you ever come out and stay with us, chances are you’ll be able to run the loop too (LiveNomadic can attest to that…)




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