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When people visit Brazil, the first question that comes to mind is: where is the Carnaval? Although that is probably why most tourists flock to Rio de Jenairo —and of course its beaches -, there are plenty of other places to explore in Brazil. Here are a few of the cities and regions most people visit in Brazil, and why they are so popular.

Rio de Janeiro

The Carnaval and Copacabana are, without a doubt, two things that are linked to Rio de Janeiro and are internationally famous. The giant statue of Jesus on top of Corcovado, Maracana, very interesting buildings and museums complete the city’s profile and attract tourists from all over the world.

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Sao Paulo

Probably one of the world’s most underrated cities, Sao Paulo offers a cosmopolite atmosphere, beautiful buildings, museums, interesting and relaxing parks, great restaurants and cuisine.

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Brazil’s capital, Brasilia is a masterpiece of modernist architecture although it doesn’t get as many tourists as the beach destinations do. It may be one of the worst cities for walking but you can easily explore it on a bike or taking the public transport. Don’t miss visiting The Square of the Three Powers, The Television Tower — for the best panoramic views of the city – , Palace of Dawn, Dom Bosco Church and the Paranoá Lake.

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