Manaus is a popular eco-tourist destination, thanks to being located close to the Amazon. You can hike in the rainforest, take a boat ride on the river or enjoy the city with its landmarks and beaches.


Manaus is located on Rio Negro, just a few km before it meets Rio Solimões to form the Amazon River proper.

How to get to

The city is about 2200 km from both Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Flights take about four hours. Eduardo Gomes International Airport (MAO) also handles flights from North America (USA). If you come from Europe, you’ll have to make a stopover either in North America or Central America.

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Access via the bus on long distance route is pretty much non existent due to the poor road conditions. Still, there are daily buses to Boa Vista and some destinations in Venezuela.

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But you can get to Manaus by boat via the Amazon. The boat ride from Belem is about 5 days. Porto Velho and Tabatinga (near the border with Colombia) are also connected to Manaus by boat.


The city has a tropical monsoon climate or in other words: hot and humid. The driest month is August. Otherwise, during the Southern winter , Manaus gets half the rain it does during the summer.


Jan — May avg high 30.5C / avg low 26C
Jun- July avg high 31C / avg low 26.5C
Aug — Nov avg high 32.5C / avg low 27C
Dec avg high 31C / avg low 26.7C

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Where to stay

If you are looking for a cheap hotels or pensões, look no further than Av. Joaquim Nabuco. Near Teatro Amazonas the room rates tend to be higher. Hostels are also available in the city.

Things to do

If you feel like you might be actually visiting Paris and not Manaus, it’s because some buildings are copies of the originals located in…you guessed it: Paris. Teatro Amazonas is a copy of the Grand Opera de Paris and Mercado Municipal is a copy of Les Halles.

Manaus is particularly known for the wide range of activities related to nature (the Amazon and rain forest, to be exact). You can take a boat ride to see the Meeting of the Waters (where Negro River and Solimoes River flow side by side for about 9 km) , you can swim, canoe , walk in the forest, see the wildlife and just…relax.

Close to downtown (18 km) there’s Ponta Negra beach, a popular night life area. It has some interesting bars and restaurants to check out. Praia da Lua Beach and Moon Beach are river beaches which can only be accessed by boat. Tupé Beach is further from the city but can get very crowded during the weekends.

Love Cascade is also accessible only by boat and a hike through the rain forest. The Paricatuba Waterfall is on the bank of Negro River and can only be accessed by boat.

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