Cheap Hostels in Sao Paulo

Although one of the most underrated cities tourism-wise, Sao Paulo offers a lot of things for the travelers to discover. From the Centro Historico, to the cultural experiences and the many excellent restaurants, the city is waiting to be discovered.

While Sao Paulo hotels can burn holes in your pocket, you’ll be pleased to hear that the hostels offer an excellent alternative for the budget traveler. The most expensive hostels are located close to the main attractions, but you can find cheaper alternatives when you stay further from the city center.

If you are a budget travel but don’t fancy the idea of sharing a dorm with 10 or 20 other guests, you should know that most hostels offer private rooms, as well. Some also have private bathrooms. Don’t worry, you won’t be missing the fun and being social. You’ll still spend time in the lounge and meet other travelers like you.




Prices range from $20 to $27 per bed per night in dorms and from $30 to $50 per bed per night in private rooms.

Search this map to find hostels in Sao Paulo or find even more hostel options by searching with the widget above.

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