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Without a doubt Brazil is a well known travel destination in South America, particularly for being the home to the Carnaval. Travelers flock to Rio de Janeiro either to soak up the sun on the famous beaches or just admire the customs and listen to the hot Brazilian music.

There are plenty of guides written about Brazil and obviously, a page cannot comprise all the information but here’s a short glimpse at what Brazil has to offer.

Flights to Brazil

When planning your vacation in Brazil, you need to firstly book your plane ticket. The main gateway to the country is Sao Paulo’s international airport, which is served by airlines from virtually all over the world. The international airport in Rio de Janeiro receives flights only from Europe and North America.

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Accommodation in Brazil

Once you booked your flight you need to figure out where you’ll be staying in Brazil. Accommodation takes many forms in Brazil, from the cheap hostels, to the luxury hotels and pretty much anything in between. Choosing the right one for your depends on the budget you have allocated to the trip.

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Brazil is a big country. Traveling from one city to another can be a rather costly affair though. So plan carefully. You can take a flight, a bus or a train. The buses are the cheapest option and can transport you pretty much anywhere, including in the jungle.

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