Vacation Rentals Brazil

More and more travelers choose to rent a vacation home rather than stay in a hotel. Whether you travel with the family or a group of friends, a vacation rental will save you money and open new opportunities. You get to know the locals when you check out the markets to buy food and you can plan your days exactly the way you want, without depending on the hotel’s breakfast hours.

Brazil is huge, where to stay?

Let’s admit it! Most travelers come to Brazil for the Carnival, the beaches and to explore the Amazon forest. So, you’ll most likely look for a vacation rental on the beach or close to the beach.

If you come to Brazil for the Carnival, look for vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro, Recife and Olinda. Be prepared for endless nights out and tons of fun. Rio de Janeiro rentals are very sought after due to the city’s popularity.

The North region of the country is where the nature buffs are heading to. Belém and Manaus are excellent choices.

If you are after the architecture and large town experience, then stay in Brasilia, a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its eccentric architecture. Choose the South East of the country if you want to see the colonial mansions and cobblestone streets. Missing Europe? Then Southern Brazil is the place for you.




Sao Paulo is the destination for those looking for the cultural scene, with excellent museums and galleries.

Pricing and other technical details

Booking a vacation home online is easy and fast. On large sites you can search the houses by destination, price and facilities. Other sites list the vacation homes advertised directly by the owners. Special deals are often available.

Before renting, make sure to decide whether you need an apartment or an entire vacation home. If you travel with a small family, apartments are good choices, while if you travel with a group of friends, a vacation home is the reasonable approach.

Vacation rentals in Rio de Janeiro can be quite expensive but with a bit of research you can find a 2-bedroom apartment for just $85 a night. The closer to the ocean you want to stay, the more expensive the apartment/house will be. A 4-bedroom house by the ocean can be book for $300-$460 per night, for example.

Here are some sites that can help with booking a vacation rental:

VRBO, Vacations with more room.

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