Why go to Brazil

If you’re looking for the heat of the sun, get to know new sandy, perfect beaches, the Amazon rainforest, meet and have fun with beautiful people, live the vivid colors of Latin America, or simply discover why the song The Girl from Ipanema is so famous, Brazil is the place for you to go.

Looking for Some Reasons to Visit Brazil?

Brazil is a Bird-Watching Paradise!

There are so many reasons why Brazil is a holy destination for thousands of people around the world, it’d be impossible to mention them all. But I’m going to tell you some just to make sure you decide this country will be the next adventure on the list:

Carnivals are not only famous but as exciting as people say. Colorful costumes, diversity, joy, drinks, dancing, partying, music, food. I mean, it’s all included there. You’d be literally experiencing Brazil at its best in just one festival.

Its culture is just divine and its history is as fantastic as complex, so you might want to learn some more about it. It’s like everywhere you go you see a representation of who they are as a population and as a country. People are so friendly and outgoing that they would treat tourists as their own family, just because that’s who they are and because they understand the value tourism has on their economy.




With the highest biodiversity of plant species in the world, and the Amazon rainforest, some would say Brazil is the place to rent a bike and go get lost not only in the city but in the middle of nature.

Soccer lover? Don’t say anything else. Just go and watch kids play it as well as soccer stars do. No wonder why they never miss a World Cup. Food lover? From fresh meat to fresh fruits, they pretty much are well known for pleasing everyone’s choices and tastes, doesn’t matter if you are vegetarian or a carnivorous. They got you.

Oh, don’t let me forget about beaches and what happens there, but let’s say it’s magic. Their sandy, clean, paradisiacal and heavenly beaches: Ipanema, Copacabana, Baia do Sancho, Carneiros Beach, Prinha Beach, Grumari Beach, Lopes Mendes Beach… and it goes on and on.

In case this wasn’t enough for you (that it should), I’m going to leave here some other activities you’ll enjoy as well:

Of course you’ll go to Rio, but there are lots of places to go that are not-Rio!

You might want to Ride the Bonde Train into Another Century.

Head north to the Coral Coast of Northeast Brazil for some much needed R&R. Or, you could learn How To Catch a Piranha!

And finally, if you’d like a bird’s eye view of the city and its surroundings, (in a not so common way) try Hang Gliding in Rio.

Photo by: Nailton Barbosa

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