Argentina is home to tango, gauchos, great wine, football legends, tasty meat and, as if it wasn’t enough, one of the most famous places in the world is right there: Patagonia. It’s simply a dream destination with tourist attractions for all tastes. There’s a reason why people that have been in Argentina never stop […]

Why go to Argentina

Argentina is a vast country, offering a lot of interesting things to do and places to visit. No visit to Argentina is complete without experiencing the vibe of tango on Buenos Aires’ streets, the beauty of Patagonia and the wines of Mendoza. Ten days in Argentina can be romantic or […]

10 Days in Argentina: Itinerary Ideas

Buenos Aires is the most European city in South America. Sometimes you might feel you are in Spain or even France … but rest assured you didn’t board the wrong plane. Buenos Aires is famous for tango, good food and historical sights. Itinerary assumptions You will fly in and out […]

3 Days in Buenos Aires: Itinerary Ideas

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December falls during the summer but the high season hasn’t kicked in yet. However , do expect more crowds and higher prices, especially around Christmas. You can plan to visit the beaches now, but they tend to be quite packed. Buenos Aires can be quite hot , but at least […]

Argentina in December

Argentina is a large country and therefore it also has quite a lot of climates. August — which still falls during winter – is best for visiting the North and Northwest, so if you have Iguazu Falls on your mind, now it’s the time to go. For snow lovers, Patagonia […]

Argentina in August

Argentina is a large country with a huge number of climates. Winter time — and July falls during winter — is best for visiting the North and Northwest, but you can also plan to spend some time in Patagonia. You can visit the capital any time of the year. Plus, […]

Argentina in July

In general, when an American citizen needs the help of the American Embassy, something went terribly wrong. The American Embassy in Buenos Aires is meant to offer assistance to the US citizens living in Argentina and those traveling to Argentina. The emergency services offered by the American Embassy include: assistance […]

American Embassy in Buenos Aires