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For those of us in the United States, it’s all too easy to forget our neighbors to the north when we’re contemplating where to go on our next vacation. Anyone who wants to travel to a foreign country may recall that Mexico is nearby, but Canada? We speak the same […]

US Residents: Don’t Overlook Canada

Hawaii remains one of the most popular holiday destination for many people around the world – people aspire to visit the islands at some point in their lives, and many make a habit of going on a regular basis. Hawaii is, however, notoriously expensive. So how can you find deals […]

Saving Money on a Hawaii Trip

The truth is most Italophiles don’t need to be given reasons to book a flight to Italy. Most people who love travel just need to find time – it’s not reasons to get out the door that we’re lacking. Still, when reading a recent article listing eight reasons to travel […]

Sardinia: Italy’s Beach Playground