Munich is a city that caters to all budget levels and travel styles when it comes to accommodation – but if you plan to spend Oktoberfest in Munich then everything changes. Sure, the summer is the high season and you’ll pay more for a room in the summer than in […]

Cheap Hotels in Munich

You might not realize it, but Tampa is Florida’s second-largest city – partly due to its appeal as a tourist destination, yes, but also because it’s one of the state’s business centers. What that means for budget travelers is that while you’ll find some cheap hotels in Tampa in areas […]

Cheap Hotels in Tampa

There are plenty of reasons why people want to visit Miami – the weather is spectacular (even when it’s cold up north) and the South Beach area is one of the “see and be seen” parts of the country. Unfortunately, that kind of high-end reputation doesn’t often lend itself to […]

Cheap Hotels in Miami

Orlando is famous as the home of Mickey & Co., not to mention several other theme parks and adventure parks in the area. In other words, there are lots of people every year who are on the hunt for cheap hotels in Orlando. As you might expect, the closer you […]

Cheap Hotels in Orlando

As the capital of the Basque Country region in northern Spain, Bilbao is an interesting part of Spain to visit, both for its architectural masterpiece and atypical flair. Unlike most Spanish tourist spots, Bilbao has an aloof air of extravagance. But its lack of tradition is made up for by […]

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